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  • Timetable for WordPress sample 4

    Example 4. Timetable with filtering by category, dropdown menu for filtering, columns are different locations, half hour measure, first hours column hidden, type 4 event block layout with no ending hour, 24 hour time format, different font for table, custom CSS for event hour and non-clickable events. Go to example 5 →

    [tt_timetable event_category=’action,animation,catering,comedy,concert,horror,thriller’ columns=’bay-plaza-cinema,lakewood-cinema,north-park-theatre,old-capitol-arts,music-hall’ measure=’0.5′ filter_kind=’event_category’ time_format=’H:i’ hide_hours_column=’1′ show_end_hour=’1′ event_layout=’4′ box_bg_color=’DF4432′ box_hover_bg_color=’DF4432′ filter_color=’DF4432′ disable_event_url=’1′ row_height=’40’ font=’Open Sans:regular’ font_subset=’latin-ext’ custom_css=’.tt_timetable .hours {font-weight:400;font-size:24px;}’]

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